Quest Kids Ministries

Children's Ministry

Sunday Mornings

Kids on the Rock Children’s Ministries’ mission is to connect kids to become Believers through worship (John 4:23-26); to become Disciples through teaching God’s Word (John 8:31); to become Servants by training them in ministry responsibilities (1 Timothy 4:12); to minister the Gospel through outreach      (1 Peter 4:10-11).

We provide Sunday Worship Experiences for Pebbles Nursery (1-3) and Kids on the Rock (4-11)

Connect Groups

Connect Small Groups

We learn and grow in community and ‘Small Groups’ are a key aspect of our church community and building relationships within the church.  Join a group today and become a part of a group of people with whom you can grow!

Connect Groups

Community Connect

Our Community Connect Groups meet once a month and encourage each of us to connect with each other! Join a group today and let’s do life together!

Women's Discipleship

Women's Ministries

Women’s Discipleship is confronting the issues that women are facing today by providing resources, training, and study opportunities that will focus on character and integrity in life choices, values and unique spiritual gifts through discipleship awareness. Our goal is to develop an army of powerful, more-than-conquering confident women.

Jacob's Generation Student Ministries

Jacob's Generation Youth Ministry

Jacob’s Generation Student Ministries strives to intervene and become that firm stepping stone in providing our teenagers the encouragement, guidance, hope, and love needed for them to take the next step of faith in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ; that our teens from ALL walks of life will be prepared for eternity in heaven and an abundant life in Christ Jesus – today!

Ministry to the Military

Ministry to the Military

Our Military Fellowship connects military members, veterans, and their families for fellowship and support. We serve as the Church of God military ministry center for the RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall, and Faltwell, and surrounding areas under the auspices of Freedom Outreach International / Ministry to the Military. It is our mission to connect military, veterans, and their families to a Cornelius-style fellowship (Acts 10).

Worship Ministry


Our worship is uniquely Pentecostal in style. We believe that God is still present and active in the world around us and that by His Spirit He manifests His presence where His church worships Him. In the atmosphere of His presence He speaks to us through teaching and preaching and by His Spirit. He convicts our hearts, saves and sanctifies our souls, baptizes us in the Holy Spirit, heals our bodies, hearts, and minds, and sets us free from addictions and things that bind the soul. He lifts us up and encourages our hearts as we lift Him up. We express our worship through clapping and raising our hands, dancing, jubilantly lifting our voices or weeping with joy. We use musical instruments as well as praise and worship songs to express our appreciation and admiration of who He is. We worship with open communion, inviting all who are born again and following Christ to participate in the Lord’s Supper, doing so after searching their hearts to ensure all is well with their relationship with God through Christ Jesus.

In Step Young Adult Ministries

In-Step Singles Ministries

In-Step Singles Ministry targets those who are ages 18 to 29 years old. We emphasize and reinforce biblical fundamentals of discipleship, tailoring the structure to allow discussion pertinent to a young adult’s need for spiritual development.

Win the lost, disciple the won, send the discipled.

Reach and connect the military and our local community to our missional Christian family.